Inspection & Test Controls

Inspection & Test Controls

Inspection & Test Controls

We help in meeting the challenges of product testing and inspection through our comprehensive capabilities, tailored specifically to a products’ unique requirement. Depending on product design, component selection, production procedure and batch volume, we put together a inspection & testing strategy that increases production yields, reduces manufacturing costs, and delivers the highest product quality.

Our inspection and testing capabilities include :

Automated Optical Inspection : To ensure the accuracy of placement and soldering, AOI is a powerful tool both for continuous process monitoring and to filter out defects for repair. We have two state of art AOI equipment’s and our team is competent in programming and validating the PCB assembly. The AOI also is used as a tool for defect analysis and process improvement which is a journey in our approach towards continual improvement.

In-circuit test : For volume production, ICT capabilities enable efficient testing for a wide range of assembly and component defects. We have two seperate In Circuit Testing equipment’s which can handle upto 1024 test points at a time and can be expanded. Functional testing capability is also built within the In Circuit Testers and the features allow us to provide an economical and a faster test solution to the customer.

X-ray inspection : The X Ray inspection equipment ensures inspection of any device on a PCB for part defects or PCB inner layers shorts & opens and other process defects which cannot be seen using other methods. The equipment can perform detailed analysis, including voids and can be programmed to run repeatable routines. We have invested in the Nikon make X Ray equipment of 160 KV with an high magnification of 36000X. The X Ray equipment is programmable and can support volume based projects that can demand X Ray inspection of the all products. The CT feature within the X ray equipment helps in component failure analysis using 3D graphics. We also support BGA rework and reballing which is performed on the highly reliable equipment.

Functional test : Functional testing  ensures a working product is shipped to our customers. Every product needs a different approach for a functional test. Our competent engineering team can create effective customised testing systems in-house. We also have the capability to provide to the customer an automatic functional test solution as per the product need and have demonstrated such solutions to more than one customer. Our machine building and automation solutions can also work with our customers to provide complete functional test solutions at high speed.

Burn-in test : Burn-in testing ensures your products will perform, survive and last in real-life environments. We can perform 24 hours burn in tests and have capability to handle large volumes.